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How Much Are Google Interns Paid?

Are you surprised to hear that Google interns are most likely getting paid more than you? This highly coveted internship is no joke and also offers serious pay to students who make the cut. Sure, they are starting from the ground up, have no job security and do the most boring work, but they also get paid $6,000 a mont… read more

Organic Foods Boom Even With Economic Woes

Though in most fields luxury products and lifestyle have plummeted, it looks like organic foods are here to stay. In fact, throughout the economic crisis, the sales of organic foods have sky-rocketed with sales reaching about $23 billion in 2009. So why are expensive organic foods sticking around when others fail? The … read more

Dolce & Gabbana Tax Evasion Scandal

In the middle of June, 2013, the Italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana were convicted in an Italian court of tax evasion, resulting in a sentence of up to one year and 8 months in prison. Both designers have denied the charges and plan to appeal. The process however has been a long one, dating back to 2004 when the… read more

Parisians Try to Improve Business With Better Courtesy

Every American knows that Paris is a select destination, but world-famous for its rudeness! With the economic downturn taking its toll on businesses, Paris city government is trying to give a boost to the tourist industry and Franco-American relations by producing a six page booklet called “Do you speak Touriste?” … read more

Core Labor Rights You Should Know

Ever since the recession hit and the job market has been at a depressing low, people who have been unemployed and looking for jobs have become desperate in their search for employment. Especially for people who have been without work for a while and have just recently reentered the work force, it can be easy to be take… read more