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Most Popular Celebrity Workout Method

Dream of having a celebrity body? It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication to obtain and maintain the healthy and streamlined body that most celebrities today have. It's not just about diet, but usually has to do with having a professional trainer. While most of us can't afford that luxury we still care about our… read more

Angelina Jolie's Brave Choice Slammed by Etheridge

When recently diagnosed with a genetic mutation that usually results in a high probability of ovarian or breast cancer, Angelina Jolie decided to confront her risk by having a double mastectomy in order to ensure the genetic mutation wouldn't lead to cancer. The fact that Angeline Jolie went public with her health ch… read more

The Book of Mormon Musical

Now that the Book of Mormon musical has migrated from New York to Los Angeles and can be seen even in London, the musical has created even more buzz as it starts its tour worldwide. The creators of the critically acclaimed Broadway musical are the same men who are responsible for the ridiculous and always controversial… read more

New Kristen Wiig Movie

The new Kristen Wiig movie, “Girl Most Likely” seems to be slightly different than any of her past comedic endeavors. The film is in fact very different from anything she has done before, and only time will tell if people will receive it well. The rest of the starring cast is made up of big time Hollywood players o… read more

Lone Ranger Remake

There is a surprising amount of old-timers who are upset by the portrayal of their beloved childhood heroes, The Lone Ranger and his trusted companion, Tanto. It is very unlikely indeed for any film involving Johnny Depp to not be well received, but people have apparently made up their minds about this one. Depp was as… read more