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Laws Regarding International Adoption

International adoption is when a child is adopted by caretakers from another nation, often called stranger adoption. In this case the parents and adopted child meet at a point of intersection that crosses biology, socio-economic class, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality and cultural heritage. Because international … read more

International Divorce Laws

In the case that one wants to serve divorce papers to a spouse in another country there are specific rules to follow. The most simple way to go about this is to have your request published in the court records and to send the papers by certified mail. The publication service is made to start the divorce legally, howeve… read more

A Legal Source for Dog Bite Victims

In the USA there is a specific law regarding dog bites, called the Dog Bite Law. Its basis is that dog owners are liable for all dog bites simply because they are the guardians of the animal. In the case that there are legal damages, this is usually covered by a homeowner or renter's insurance policy that may have been… read more

How to Find a Lawyer

Finding a good lawyer when you really need one is not always as easy as it sounds, but it's well worth the effort and the money! However, because it's costly, consider starting your search by asking your employer if there is any discounted legal programs or services available through your job. Don't hesitate to ask for… read more

Overseas Tax

First of all, let's get to the heart of the question: do you have to pay taxes if you live overseas? The answer is that you must always file a tax return, but chances are you won't owe any taxes. Find out if you file for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, you can exclude up to $95k from your US income taxes! The best… read more