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Get Menopause Relief Through Diet Changes

It's not necessary to pump your body full of hormones to get some relief from menopause symptoms. Whether it's hot flashes or something else, it's not pleasant, but the answer doesn't have to be taking hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT can be quite dangerous, causing asthma, ovarian or breast cancer and othe… read more

Meditate for Good Health

Meditation has gained a strong following in the past years. This is because it makes people feel better. It's a true antidote to our frenetic, technological culture and lifestyle. Meditation is useful to help get relief from chronic pain, anxiety and stress. Because of this it also improves heart health, boost immunity… read more

Change Water Molecules With Positive Thoughts

It is now known that water molecules are sensitive to the sounds, vibrations and even thoughts of what or whom is around them. Discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto in his studies of how water molecules react to music and other stimulating effects, this is a very interesting topic right now. Emoto claims th… read more

Basic CPR 101

One never knows when having confidence in your CPR skills can come in handy. Life is unpredictable. However, even if you haven't had the possibility to take a CPR class, this is the necessary information to have a basic understanding of how to perform CPR and when it's appropriate to use it. CPR stands for cardiopulm… read more

What is Homoeopathic Medicine?

Have you heard people raving about homoeopathic medicine recently? This antique field is regaining popularity of late. However, few people understand what homoeopathy really is and how it works. In essence, the base theory is treat like with like. By using highly diluted substances, the body's natural healing system is… read more