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Repelling Mosquitoes Naturally

Everyone hates mosquitoes: their raspy buzz and itchy bites are a sure sign of Summer. However, it's possible to keep mosquitoes away and avoid the nightly scratch-fest without using chemical products like Deet and most of the others on the market that can cause skin irritation, rashes, swelling, eye irritation and eve… read more

Maximize Your Patio Space

If you have a small patio here are some ideas to improve your space and make the most of it. Start by cleaning it up and getting rid of extra materials, supplies and things you may have been storing there. Though a small patio probably mean you don't have a large garden, by placing trees and potted plants it's easy to … read more

Defeat Garden Pests

Don't let common garden pests get the better of your patience or ruin a beautiful flower display that you worked so hard to bring to life. Let's start with the most common of pests, the aphid. These little guys start out small and attack new growth leaving sad misshapen leaves. Lucky you, the easy organic solution is j… read more

Make a Small Space Look Large

It's possible to make smart use of a small space and simultaneously visually expand it with some simple projects, tips and tricks. Whether you are considering a small closet, room, home or apartment, the same rules apply. First, start with the basics of the space: color. White and other light colors expand space and il… read more

Make a Successful Organic Garden

If you are growing your own fruits and vegetables the best choice is to make an organic garden. It doesn't require more work or more money and it will yield the same, if not more, fruits and vegetables than a non-organic garden would. Plus, you'll be feeding yourself and your family only the best foods that will help t… read more